Sermons from February 2022

Sermons from February 2022

Made for More

Made for More 2 Peter 3:3-9 God is patient…but are we patient with ourselves? When Noah steps off the ark, he still has years to live for God. Does he hold to God’s unchanging hand? Is this a hard transition? Noah’s life reinforces the necessity to build our lives on God’s eternal purposes.


Matthew 5:43-48 – It is easy to talk about discipleship, but the reality of following Jesus proves far more challenging. That challenge might be why Jesus said few people chose his “narrow” path (Matthew 7:13-14). To help us better understand the challenges associated with following Jesus, we will take time this year to consider “practical discipleship”, to think about the real-world applications of his way in our lives. This lesson will explore the “practical discipleship” of loving our enemies.

I Can Do Nothing on my Own

English poet John Donne included that phrase in a publication of prose he released in 1624. His statement remains well-known even though nearly four hundred years have passed since its appearance because it simply and memorably expresses humanity’s social nature. While we might acknowledge the phrase’s truth, a tendency nevertheless exists to try and do things on our own. And who can fault us – we live in a culture constantly promoting DIY individualism and rags-to-riches stories of hardworking individuals who succeed against all odds. That tendency to individualism, however, grates against God’s expectation of single-minded devotion to Him. We are taking time this year to focus on discipleship, on committing ourselves to follow Jesus and learn from him so that we can be more like him. Over the last few weeks, we have considered how we can act like Jesus in our relationships. In this lesson, we will consider Jesus’ relationship with God and how his complete devotion to God offers a model to follow in our relationships with God.

Appointed to Serve

Forbes Magazine reported that in 2019 businesses and individuals spent an estimated $166 Billion on leadership training in the United States. The amount of money spent on leadership reminds us of an obvious truth – leaders matter. While Jesus agrees with the importance given to leaders, his understanding of leadership fundamentally differs from our world’s common understandings. Today we begin a process to select and appoint additional deacons, men who will join our church family’s leadership. Therefore, we will consider…