Sermons from January 2022

Sermons from January 2022


Matthew 6:5-15 –“Jesus, the most important person in the world, authorized only four very limited biographies, four small gospels that focus on just three years of his life. John commented at the end of his gospel that Jesus said and did far more than he included in his story but that he chose only to include the things that would lead his readers to “believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” (John 20:30-31; 21:25). The limited nature…

Woe to You

Matthew 23:29-36 — Jesus gave special attention to interpersonal relationships. He repeatedly called people to embrace an unbiased, selfless love for others in all their relationships, an expectation both challenging and inspiring. But Jesus did merely engage in religious sloganeering; he practiced the love about which he taught. So, what do we do when Jesus, who taught people to “love [their] enemies” (Matthew 5:43-44) seemingly turns on his ‘enemies’ and repeatedly and publicly blasts them? We will consider Jesus’ condemnation…

Jesus Wept

This year, we are focusing on discipleship – our commitment to follow Jesus and learn from him so that we can be like him and lead others to him. Four areas of focus come out of our definition of discipleship: 1. Learning to act like Jesus – “our commitment to follow Jesus.” 2. Learning to think like Jesus – “to learn from him.” 3. Transforming into a Christlike person – “be like him.” 4. Teaching other people about Jesus – “lead others to him.” Those four areas – acting, thinking, transforming, and teaching – will form the foci for our preaching in 2022. This month, we begin focusing on acting like Jesus and will give attention to learning to act like him in our relationships with other people. This lesson will consider Jesus’ interaction with Lazarus’ family in John chapter eleven to help us think about our interactions with suffering and hurting people.

Man of God

Man of God 1 Timothy 6:11-16 Paul holds up Jesus as an example to us all. He also holds Jesus as an example to young men of the godly man they are to become. There is the gentle Jesus. Then there is the Jesus who speaks truth forcefully. In Christ, we men learn that godly masculinity matches the circumstance to act as a providing and preserving force.

Following after Jesus

This year we will be focusing on the theme of discipleship. “Discipleship” has become a trendy word in religious circles over the last few years. Its popularity rests, in part, on the perception that it provides an emphasis upon Christianity’s personal, relational character that counters a culture-influenced tendency to emphasize religion’s institutional qualities. Another reason motivates discipleship’s popularity – it occupies an obvious and important place in Jesus’ teachings – consider, for example, Luke 14:25-27, 33 and Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus,…