Sermons from July 2018

Sermons from July 2018

God Is Love

God Is Love Scripture: 1 John 4:7-12 More than being a God who loves, our God IS love. He cannot do anything that isn’t loving, even if we don’t understand how love fits in. The ultimate expression of his love is not that he sacrificed someone for our sins, but he sacrificed His Only Begotten Son for our sins. In response, we are called to love one another. This is the first of four lessons related to the fact that our God is love.

Three Good Reasons

Scripture: John 1:1-5 John wrote his Gospel to produce faith in Jesus as God’s Son. He begins by offering 3 good reasons to believe in Jesus: He is the Word; He made all things; He gives light to live by.

Armored Christians

Armored Christians Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-20 The Ephesian Christians were surrounded by the enemy. The threat often looked physical, but in reality it was a spiritual battle. God called and equipped them as a united fighting force to withstand the attacks of Satan.

Altered and Glistening!

Scripture: Mark 9:2-9 The transfiguration of Jesus is unlike any other miracle or event in his ministry. This affirmation from heaven prepared Jesus to enter the last, and most challenging, phase of his earthly ministry. The experience humbled, impressed and confused the 3 disciples. It exalts Jesus above even the most honored of Old Testament heroes.

Walking in the Church

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-6 The context of Ephesians is the role of the church, and the nature of life in the church. In the church, Christians are called to treat each other kindly, to work together to build the body, and to live godly lives that speak well of the church. Standard doctrines are hardly mentioned in the second half of Ephesians. The “worthy walk” is described in terms of lifestyle and relationships among Christians.

The Impressive Power of Jesus

Scripture: Mark 4:35-41 Jesus was an excellent teacher and people were impressed by the things he said. But they were amazed – even fearful – when he displayed his power through miracles. Here was a man who could control nature by his words, who could command evil spirits, raise the dead and heal illnesses when no one else could find a remedy. Those who came to Jesus were often desperate, and came to Jesus hoping that he could help when no one else could. That’s exactly what we all need to realize.