Sermons (Page 15)

Sermons (Page 15)

Good News

To be good news, the gospel must offer forgiveness, peace, and godly lives, without producing complacency.

God’s Patient Promise

Rather than denying it or being afraid of it, God’s faithful people can look forward to the “coming of the day of the Lord.”

Gospel Truth

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:16-21 False teachers dared to contradict the eyewitnesses of Jesus, even while those witnesses were still alive. Before exposing the false doctrines (2 Peter 2 & 3), Peter reminded his readers of his credentials as one who had seen the most powerful demonstrations of the majesty of Christ. Because of what he had seen when Christ came the first time, he was a reliable guide in preparation for the second coming. On top of that, his testimony…

Deep Roots or Withered Leaves

Scripture: Psalm 1 The difference between spiritual life and death is a matter of choice. We must – and invariably will – choose between the counsel of the world and the counsel of God’s word. Only “the law of the Lord” provides the resources necessary to thrive in righteousness. Spiritual survival requires that we limit our exposure to the counsel of the ungodly, and “meditate day and night” in the word of God. The start of a new year is a good time to commit to the spiritual disciplines that sustain godliness.

All Things

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:1-11 Faithful Christian living is not easy, but it is possible. We might think that had we lived in the 1st c., had seen and heard Jesus or the apostles, it would be easier to live godly lives. Peter does not agree with that thinking. He assures us that if our faith is in the righteousness of Jesus, and not in ourselves, we are all equally enabled by God to live lives that please Him. All Christians…

Words To The Beloved

Scripture: Jude 17-23  Jude is one of the least studied books of the NT, and it has some intriguing, mysterious statements in it. But overall, the general message is clear. People had slipped into the congregation and taught things that promoted immorality, denied Christ and denied judgment. Jude encouraged the faithful to be vigilant, and affirmed that judgment for ungodly living is real and terrible.