Sermons by David Shipley

Sermons by David Shipley

Followers of God

Deuteronomy 4:1-2 A key to a great game is clear rules all players commit to following. But for there to be enjoyment, there needs to be a commitment to the one enforcing the rules. In Deuteronomy 4, Moses recaps God’s rules and laws for Israel. Moses calls Israel to remember God the Law-giver who is a fearful presence and consuming power. He is to be taken seriously. Yet, this fearful and consuming God can be followed. Those who seek to…

Lest We Forget

Deuteronomy 8:11-18 We learn very little by hearing something only once. How many times do you need to hear a name before that name sticks? In Deuteronomy, Moses does a very simple yet profound thing: He repeats what God has already said while urging listeners to remember and walk faithfully. Do what you’ve already learned! An entire generation of Israelites knew the right way to the Promised Land but chose to not act on that knowledge. As a result, their…

God’s Deacon

Romans 13:1-7 Christians think differently from the world. Their different thinking requires respect for and submission to legitimate authority. God knows we need order, not chaos. Living with God’s eternal hope means thinking Biblically and wisely about the authorities and governments God has instituted. A Christian’s response to earthly kings reflects how we submit to the King of kings. Whether authority is in the form of a parent, church elder, or civil ruler, all authority is from God. Everyone submits…

Good at Being a Woman

Reading: Genesis 2:23 In Genesis 2:23, Adam praises God’s creation of woman. He sees in her the ability to take the good he gives and make it grow and flourish. When she is good at being what God made her to be, this brings glory to God the Creator. If men build a house by their strength, women in their beauty and care make it a home. “A wise woman builds up her house, but with her own hands the…

Gifted to Serve God’s Mission

Romans 12:3-8 — A gift freely given must still be used according to a purpose. If you give someone a chainsaw, you expect them to build with it and not destroy. God’s free gift of grace can never be earned. Yet grace is more than a ticket to heaven. Paul says, “we have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us” (Romans 12:6a). Grace is also a tool we grow in by serving His purpose. We don’t…

Deep Waters-How Christians Relate to the Law

Romans 7:4-6 — The apostle Peter admits Paul’s writings sometimes contain things that are hard to understand. Knowing why we follow some parts of the Old Testament law and not others is one of those times.Peter warns Christians to not ignore the deep end of God’s Word. There are always those eager to distort what Scripture says.In Romans 7, Paul explains that the law points to a Law-Maker. The law serves the Maker’s purpose. Understanding this relationship helps Christians use…

Buried with Christ

Buried with Christ Romans 6:4-5 If you read the letter of Romans in one sitting, what does it teach about how the first Christians became Christian? In Romans 10:13, Paul writes to those who are already Christian. He says, “Whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” What do you think Paul meant? Is that what these Christians had done? In Romans 6, Paul ties conversion and sanctification together as he writes about being “buried with…

Faith Steps

Faith Steps Romans 4:18-21 Abraham’s faith had legs. His example reminds us that we cannot please God…unless we have faith (see also Hebrews 11:6). His life also shows us the benefits of a faith that is willing to work (see also James 2:17). Had his head always been in the heavens, he wouldn’t have been much earthly benefit. And living in his body without faith would not have gotten him to a better place. Our hope, like Abraham’s, is that…

The Just God

Romans 3:20-26 The God of the Bible is just. Romans 3:25-26 says God has demonstrated His justice for all to see. We are made in God’s image and are born with a sense that there is a certain way the world should go. Knowing God demonstrates justice, we recognize He demands justice from His people. Is the justice we long for Biblical justice?

God was Satisfied

God was Satisfied Romans 1:1-7 The book of Romans comes out of the gate hard. God reveals His wrath. All men have compromised God’s truth for their own ways. Those compromises resulted in the suffering around us, and God is not satisfied. Like we do with broken appliances, God could’ve wiped everyone away and replaced it all, but instead, He offered restoration. God gave something precious to restore something broken. His wrath was satisfied. The result is people who are…

Now I See

Now I See Mark 8:22-26 One man needs Jesus’ second touch to clear up his blurry eyesight. Meanwhile, Jesus’ followers depend on His repeated questions & commands to more clearly grasp He is a crucified & risen Messiah.


Healer Mark 1:40-45 God’s healing comes kindly, patiently, and graciously. He heals enemies and outsiders. At the same time, the sick don’t prescribe their own treatment. The Lord doesn’t let us tell Him how to meet our deepest needs. Instead, the Lord demonstrates kindness to those He is in conflict with while not affirming attitudes & behaviors He defines as bad & wrong.

Jesus and Technology – Every Step Must Make Life Better

Every Step Must Make Life Better Psalm 115:1-8 Technology & inventions should make life better. However, they can spoil as frequently as they can enrich. Jesus doesn’t focus on what man invents, but instead on the heart of man behind every invention. From out of the heart come the things that stain, scar, and defile (Mark 7:20-23). To what extent do our devices enrich our devotion to Christ & others? How much do they leave us distracted, isolated, & spoiled?

Good at Being a Man

Good at Being a Man Reading: Mark 3:24-27 Jesus is the strongest man. The gospel of Mark reveals Jesus’ strength and power over nature, over disease, and over demons. Jesus walked the earth as a man, God’s Son. He wields his strength & power as a man. He shows us that when a man is good at being a man, he brings glory to God the Father.

Descending into Greatness

Mark 1:29-31 The gospel of Mark starts when Jesus starts his ministry. Mark skips the Christmas story. He ignores Jesus’ royal & human genealogies. He even leaves out the part about the Word being with God in the beginning. Mark shows us Jesus the Servant. As he does this, Mark captures the reaction of those watching Jesus descend into service. He captures their wincing reaction as the first witnesses see their great Messiah become the slave of all. To be the Messiah who saves from suffering, Jesus comes as the Messiah who serves & suffers.

The Cost of Community

The Cost of Community Jesus promises that his community of believers will be a blessing and a support. How close are we supposed to be in this community? And why will there be challenges? Though Christian community comes at a cost, Christ tells us it is worth pursuing.

Made for More

Made for More 2 Peter 3:3-9 God is patient…but are we patient with ourselves? When Noah steps off the ark, he still has years to live for God. Does he hold to God’s unchanging hand? Is this a hard transition? Noah’s life reinforces the necessity to build our lives on God’s eternal purposes.

Man of God

Man of God 1 Timothy 6:11-16 Paul holds up Jesus as an example to us all. He also holds Jesus as an example to young men of the godly man they are to become. There is the gentle Jesus. Then there is the Jesus who speaks truth forcefully. In Christ, we men learn that godly masculinity matches the circumstance to act as a providing and preserving force.

Be Rich

Luke 12:13-21 We all have a rich inheritance from God. How do we divide and us it? How can we be rich…towards God? Jesus calls His followers to work hard to use what God has given to bless others & avoid the pitfalls of greed.