Sermons on Job

Sermons on Job

It’s Complicated

Job 34:10-16 Do you think you would do a good job if you were responsible for “repaying everyone for what they have done” and giving everyone “what their conduct deserves”? Do you think God does better? Is He somehow better equipped to untangle our complicated world of right and wrong, justice and mercy? Job admits he couldn’t do better and says: “If God withdrew his spirit and breath, all humanity would perish together and mankind would return to the dust.” When we are discouraged by all that is wrong with the world and ourselves, and baffled by how complex and difficult hardship can be, we need to spend time thinking on all that is right with God.

Pure in Heart

Job 31:1-12. In this passage, Job is defending himself against the accusation of adultery. This is quite an accusation for a guy who has just lost everything. The Bible understands a lifelong commitment to purity can be challenging. And so we get more than a list of rules. We see in Job’s response that his idea of a pure heart goes beyond not committing adultery. This is surprisingly similar to Jesus! For Job, a pure heart that translated into pure actions protected the well-being of his family and resulted in a community better able to recognize the values & purposes of God.

More than an arbiter

The Old Testament book of Job records Job’s struggle to understand the suffering he believed God sent against him. Part of the his struggle revolved around his desire to argue his case before God, a desire he believed could not be fulfilled because he had no one to arbitrate between himself and God (Job 9:32-33). Job’s lament for an arbiter prepares us to appreciate the New Testament’s explanation for why we need Jesus – he mediates a relationship between God and us (1 Timothy 2:5).