Sermons on James

Sermons on James

Continuity and Change

James 1:17 — The connection between the Old and New Testaments offers one example where readers today sometimes miss the elements God intends to unite the two parts of the Bible. We will therefore take time to explore some of the features of the Old Testament that extend into the New Testament, their connection to Jesus, and how Jesus’ place in them both creates continuity and change.

The Purpose of the Lord

James 5:11 One can easily and quickly point to things in the Bible that seem to contradict James’ assertion that God’s purposes are “compassionate and merciful” (James 5:11). This lesson will consider the larger Biblical story and explore how it reveals God’s compassion and mercy and how the things it reveals should fine expression within our lives.

Little Steps into Sin

Scripture: James 1:12-18 We deceive ourselves if we think that fatal, salvation-losing sin could never happen to us. Spiritual death is the outcome of a progression of desire, enticement, and the increasing grip of sin. Seldom is sin an isolated act. It often follows a period of carelessness, of failure to take precautions against temptations, and neglect of God-given tools that would have kept us spiritually strong enough to resist the temptations.