Richard Wolfe

Richard Wolfe

Richard Wolfe has been preaching God’s word since 1970. He is a graduate of Harding University with a degree in Music Education. Richard and Jade were married in 1970, and have two sons and nine grandchildren. They served as missionaries in French-speaking Europe, living in Belgium, for 22 years before returning to the United States in 1993.

While working with a congregation in Liege, Belgium, Richard co-edited a hymnal for French-speaking churches of Christ. He is also the author of Songs, Cymbals & Tambourines: A Study of Music in Scripture (21st Century Christian, 1998).

After 11 years in Urbana, Illinois, Richard has been with our congregation since the spring of 2005. In January 2019, Richard retired from preaching at 151st Street and now serves as an elder.

Sermons by Richard or other speakers.

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