Life, Love, and Loss Workshop

Life, Love, and Loss Workshop

Life, Love, and Loss Workshop

There is no greater loss than losing your spouse, likely followed by losing a child and a parent. 151st Street has invited Dean Miller to host his Living with Loss Workshop on September 16 – 18.  Dean’s three-day workshop presents a biblical perspective to help you understand and cope with such a loss. It is a fact that 50% of all married individuals will one day become widowed.  This workshop will help married couples consider topics that will ease that pain for the one left behind. It will also help you to become better at ministering to others who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. Therefore, EVERYONE is encouraged to attend the Living with Loss workshop. 

No Fee! Registration is encouraged, but not required.

Friday, September 16, 2022
   6:00 pm Welcome, coffee and dessert
   7:00 pm Life Love & Loss

Saturday, September 17, 2022
   9:00 am Widowhood: Heaven’s Perspective
 10:00 am Widowhood: Personal Perspective
  Noon Lunch will be Provided
   1:00 pm Marriage: Especially After Loss

Sunday, September 18, 2022
   9:00 am Praise the Lord! No Matter What! (combined Adult Class)
 10:00 am What We Ought to do When We Are Overwhelmed (Sermon)

Presented by Dean Miller
Founder & Director of Widowhood Workshop Ministry
Minister with Hartville church of Christ, OH 1981 – 2014
Married 41 years; Widowed 12/25/2013

Who will benefit from this workshop?
• Widows & Widowers
• Married Couples
• Those who want to
Minister to Widows
and Widowers

What is a living with Loss Workshop?

It is natural to have a narrow view regarding the answer to that question. It is for widows and widowers, right? The more appropriate, more accurate view of this workshop is much broader than that. In light of the possibility of misunderstandings the following is offered as food for thought:
A Living with Loss Workshop is . . .

  1. REMINDER: It is a reminder of the preciousness of love and marriage.
  2. CHALLENGE: It is a challenge to married couples to treasure (cherish, rather than take for granted) what they have before they lose it.
  3. COUNSEL: It is counsel to all who have lost loved ones and dear friends.
  4. UNVEILING: It is an unveiling of God’s heart and perspective about widowhood.
  5. INSIGHT: It is insight into the thoughts, feelings and struggles of those who have suffered loss, especially the widowed.
  6. COMFORT: It is comfort for those learning to live with their excruciating loss.
  7. ENCOURAGEMENT: It is encouragement to minister to the widowed & encouragement for the widowed to minister.
  8. INSPIRATION: It is inspiration to help deal with the trials of life in a way that glorifies God and is a blessing to others.
    A Living with Loss Workshop is a “something-for-everyone” event.
    Contact Dean Miller, if you have questions (330-412-1456 cell;