Current Information Page

Current Information Page

Church Picnic

The Picnic is June 27th at Heritage Park ( , shelters 2 & 3. Fellowship at 4pm, Dinner at 5pm, and a devotional to follow. Go to 151st Street Church Picnic for 2021 to sign up by June 23rd.

Attending Services

A reminder that everyone attending services is encouraged to:

· Wear a mask at all times on the south side of the auditorium: Sundays at the 8:30 am & 5 pm services, and Wednesdays at 7 pm. (Masks at all times is **not** required at the Sunday 10:30 am service. See below in the congregational announcement for more details.)

· Wear a mask in all other meeting times and spaces when you are entering and departing and when you are visiting with others.

· Whenever visiting with others, maintain social distancing.

~The Elders

Congregational Announcement:  Assembly Schedule and Protocol Changes as of 3/31/2021

 The eldership has devoted much time in the recent months to ensure the 151st church family’s congregational activities meet God’s expectations. That effort includes balancing God’s expectations for our congregational activities with His expectation that we submit to our government and its COVID medical guidelines. We recognize the difficulties in finding that balance and realize that our efforts frustrate some people on both ends of the issues. We consequently appreciate the feedback you have provided us that has enabled us to move forward.

In consideration of the spiritual and physical well-being of the members of the 151st street congregation, the eldership would like to communicate the following adjustments to our assembly schedule and associated protocols.

Beginning April 4, 2021:

We will resume Sunday evening assemblies in the building from 5–6 pm every Sunday. Initially, our evening assemblies will be an all-church gathering in the auditorium, but we plan to resume the children’s Bible hour as soon as possible.

The protocols for our assemblies include:

o   Social distancing will be required with two exceptions:

 *individuals in the same family and

*those with whom you regularly spend time with.

o   Mask policy:

*Masks will be required for everyone when entering and leaving the building and whenever social distancing cannot be maintained. 

*To create a space for those who do not feel safe without masking, we ask everyone seated on the Southside of the auditorium (the side by the parking lot) to wear a mask when seated.

*Masks for those seated on the Northside of the auditorium will be optional as long as they can maintain social distancing.

Exception: A mask is NOT required for those adversely affected for medical reasons.

o   Additionally, we ask that visiting take place outdoors to the greatest extent possible.

Beginning Wednesday, April 7, 2021

To accommodate everyone in our church family, our Wednesday Bible adult classes will begin following the Sunday evening protocols on April 7 (see above).

Beginning Sunday, April 11, 2021

8:30 am service:

· Both the fellowship and auditorium groups will worship together in the auditorium.

· The 8:30 am service will follow the Sunday evening protocols listed above.

· While everyone will gather together in the auditorium, we recognize that some people may not be comfortable meeting with the group. We will, therefore, continue to live stream the auditorium service to the fellowship hall for those who wish to remain in an entirely masked environment.

*Masks will be required while seated in the Fellowship Hall during this service

*We have ordered comfortable chairs to make this option an improved experience for anyone using the fellowship hall.

10:30 am service:

· Everyone will meet together to worship in the auditorium.

· The 10:30 am worship will follow the same protocols used in all other assemblies with one exception – masks will be optional when seated anywhere in the auditorium.

· As with the 8:30 am service, we will live stream the auditorium service to the fellowship hall. Masks will also be optional while seated in the fellowship hall during this service.

We understand these adjustments cannot represent every individual member of the congregation’s preferences, but we pray the modifications will better meet everyone’s needs.  We ask that you consider others’ viewpoints and concerns as we strive to be one body and a living example of Jesus.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring our congregational activities realize the church’s vision while remaining faithful to God’s expectations.  We seek your prayers as we work towards that goal, and we appreciate your continued feedback and suggestions.

 ~the 151st Street elders

Communion supplies available for pick up

**Updated** The building will no longer be open on Saturdays. If you are in need of communion supplies or want to drop off your contribution you are welcome to stop by the building on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Sermon Information

Visit for a listing of sermons and their handouts.

Giving Options


If you would like to give to the church online, please visit this page: . You are able to configure a single one-time or recurring contribution using your credit/debit card or an electronic check (ACH) from your bank. This convenience comes with some bank fees, which will be paid by the church. Those fees are deducted from your contribution when the bank processor sends the contribution to the church’s bank. Additionally with this method there will be a 5-8 business day delay as the bank processor clears the e-check or credit/debit card through the system. The fee encountered by the church for using credit/debit cards is 2.9% of the contribution + $0.30 and for an e-check/ACH is 1.0% of the contribution + $0.25.

Through your bank:

Another way to give would be through your bank with the “Bill Payment” capabilities they provide. Most times this incurs no cost and the check arrives in the church’s mailbox at the time you designate.

By mail:

mail contributions directly to the church address with your only cost being a stamp and envelope:

   151st Street Church of Christ,  13875 W 151st Street,  Olathe, KS 66062

In person:

A box has been placed on the table near the entry way for both the fellowship hall and the auditorium that you can place your contribution into. You may also stop by on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays between 10 am and 2 pm to drop off your contribution.

Teen information

For information about the midweek teen Bible class (Zoom option available) and Sunday evening get togethers, please contact David Shipley.

Local COVID-19 Resources

For local COVID-19 information, please view:

the Olathe city page at

the Johnson County page at

the Kansas Department of Health website at

and Kansas Health Department – Family Action Plan