At 151st Street, we believe in mission work.  The former minister, Mel Latorre, Sr., left 151st Street to do mission work in his native Brazil.  The current minister preached for 22 years in French-speaking Europe. Several members have participated in mission efforts in various parts of the world.  A group of teens goes yearly to Trujillo, Honduras.

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We sponsor Keli & Kevin Westmoreland in Cusco, Peru.

We support:

Kevin and Keli Westmoreland in Cusco, Peru


Mel LaTorre, Sr., and Marly in Bauru, Brazil


Ghana West Africa Missions and Heritage Christian College in Ghana, West Africa


Village of Hope in Ghana, West Africa


Alan and Ree Nalley, in Guarapuava, Brazil


Ron & Louise Maynard with the Fishers of Men


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Missions Updates



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