Sunday Assemblies

Throughout the Bible, worship is a central part of man’s relationship with God. The Bible also shows that God has never made His people guess about the expressions of worship that please Him, but has always revealed the necessary instructions for His people to be able to worship acceptably. We believe the New Testament guides us to the worship forms that are appropriate for Christian worship assemblies. The words “relaxed” and “traditional” would be appropriate to describe our services.


When Christians come together for a time of worship, that gathering is a demonstration that we are members of one spiritual family, that we serve the same God, and that we need each other for encouragement in righteous living.


Our assemblies will include prayer.  Men of the congregation will lead prayers that express concerns and praises of the congregation.  The prayers will include requests and needs that members have shared with the congregation.


The Sunday morning assembly will include a sermon lasting about 30 minutes.  The sermon will usually be presented by the congregation’s preacher, but occasionally there will be a guest speaker or the sermon will be presented by another member of the congregation.


We don’t believe that the music of worship is a spectator event, so you won’t be asked to listen to a band or choir.  Most of the songs will be projected on a large screen, but hymnals are available on the back of the pews.  A song leader will lead the entire congregation in heart-felt, enthusiastic a cappella singing.  If you aren’t accustomed to four-part, congregational singing, we think you’ll find it to be a refreshing change.


On Sunday morning, members will have the opportunity to contribute financially to the ministries of the congregation.  These funds provide the sole support for our local activities as well as our mission efforts.  Visitors are welcome to contribute, but should feel no obligation to do so.

Lord’s Supper

Every Sunday, the Lord’s Supper is observed by the entire congregation to help us focus on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  The Lord’s Supper is offered again on Sunday evening for those who could not be present in the morning.

Sunday Evening

The Sunday evening service is usually much like the morning service, but a bit more casual. The preacher will usually present a sermon, but sometimes there will be a guest speaker, devotional or special program.  Sunday evening is one of our best attended gatherings.


  • Upcoming Events

    • Combined Service with Southpoint:
      Dec 31, 2017 6:00pm

    • New Years Eve Party:
      Dec 31, 2017 7:00pm

    • Ladies Bible Class:
      Jan 6, 2018 8:00am

    • Ladies Luncheon:
      Jan 27, 2018 12:00am